Netflix launches this week (9/17/2021)

Another weekend has arrived and for many people this means checking the catalogs of streaming services to prepare the marathon. And for the platform’s subscribers, Netflix’s list of releases for the week is well packed, with new movies and new series for all kinds of audiences. To help you out, Canaltech not only lists all the news, it also tells you what to watch to get the most out of your subscription.

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  • This week, there’s no denying that the biggest highlight of Netflix is ​​the premiere of season 3 of Sex Education. The series is one of the darlings of subscribers, who will now be able to continue the misadventures of teenagers at Moordale Secondary School. The end of season two left a really good hook for the new episodes, and the expectation now is to see how Otis and Maeve will handle their relationship while the school gets a new ultra-conservative headmistress who doesn’t even want to know about sex in the curriculum.

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  • Another series loved by the public that wins its seventh and the penultimate season on Netflix is ​​Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the new episodes, the precinct undergoes a major change and Holt is demoted from the corporation to just a patrol officer. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy discover that they are finally going to be parents, and Charles is accepted into a new task force. And although the story is moving forward, it’s good to get used to the idea of ​​farewell, since after this season, the characters will only return for one more.

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    To end the nomination round for series to watch on Netflix this week, the streaming service catalog received the first season of Round 6. With a bizarre proposal and an aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese television programs, the production creates a blood-soaked competition with children’s games for people who are in great need of money. The problem is that losers pay the price of failure with their own lives. That nonsense craziness that draws attention and we love it.

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  • But the Netflix catalog is not just about series. This week, the streaming service received some very interesting productions, starting with Schumacher. The documentary is the first production of its kind approved by the former Formula 1 driver’s family and shows from the German’s childhood until his glory days in the main motorsport category, where he set new records and became seven times champion. With images, photos and previously unpublished interviews with family and friends, Schumacher is a true tribute to Michael Schumacher and a must for every sports fan.

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  • For those who enjoy more of a fanciful footprint, Nightclubs of Crypt is another news from Netflix and that has been drawing a lot of subscribers’ attention. With a touch of horror, the film tells the story of a boy obsessed with horror tales and who finds himself imprisoned by an evil witch in an apartment. There, he is also another young woman and discovers that every night he has to save his life by telling a new scary story.

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    • And our last nomination this week is somewhat different. Netflix has been investing in interactive productions for some time now, and this week it launched another one: Você Radical: Amnesia. The idea is for you to help Bear Grylls survive after he crashes into a plane and gets amnesia – all in the middle of the absolute cold. A nice request to spend some time with the children, nephews and family.

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        • And it doesn’t stop here . The list of Netflix releases for the week is vast and you’re sure to find more interesting things to watch. Below, check out all the news on the streaming platform, all with its proper link. After choosing, just click and press play. Have a good time!

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          • Explaining: New episode, Season 3
          • Tughlaq Durbar


          • The Protector 2

          • 13/09

          • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: There is 7 porada

            • Chesapeake Shores: New Episode, Season 5
          • 98

          • Inspiration4 – Star Trip: New Episodes, Season 1
          • 2021

          • Gaby Estrella: The Movie
          • 11/

          • Yowamushi Pedal: Season 1


          • Jack Whitehall – Travels with my Father: Season 5


          • For Rent a Paradise: Season 2

          • First Kill: Brutal Hunt20212021
          • You Radical: Amnesia 2021
          • The Honest Candidate 2


          • Done Good: Season 6
          • Gabriel and the Mountain
          • My Year in New York
          • Spooky Nightclubs


        • Schumacher


            • Bleach: Seasons 1 to 5
            • Final Space: Season 3
            • The Goonies
            • The Return


          • Ghost ship

          • Flames of vengeance
        • 2021

        • Friday in Trouble

        • Great White Shark

        • No Reservations
        • A Mr. Intern
            Series Misadventures

          • My Heroes Were Cowboys
          • Stardust – The Mystery of the Shooting Star
          • Adrenaline

          • Islands
          • 18/

          • Round 6: Season 1
          • Aunt is Top: Season 1
          • Tayo and Little Wizards: Season 1
          • 2021

          • Sex Education: Season 3982021
              The Father Who Moves Mountains


            • BAC Nord: Under Pressure


            • Three Love Stories
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