Fake news: how to identify false information on the internet?

In recent years, the phenomenon of fake news, also known as “Fake News”, has greatly changed the way people consume information on the internet. After all, they are in many places and in different formats, even in audio and video.

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On especially on social networks, who has never received news of “dubious” origin, right? This information is usually released in order to confuse people about facts and events. A recurrent example are those messages that have the “frequently forwarded” stamp on WhatsApp, you know? Therefore, it is very important to be careful when finding and disseminating this news on the internet.

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Did I know you can investigate with ease if information is true on the internet? Just take a look at these tips!

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How to check if information is false or true on the internet

When you encounter suspicious information that is “bombing” or “overwhelming” about something, there are a few ways to check if that information is true.

1. Search for the source and author of the news

If you are suspicious of information you received, the first thing to do is: search for the source and authorship of that news. If you received that news from a family member or friend, it is also worth asking: where did that person receive that information.

Because even when coming from reliable people, it is possible to be surprised by false news. So, keep an eye out! If you find a news without source or authorship, it is important to be suspicious.

It is also worth putting the news title on Google, so you can see if there are other vehicles talking about that information.

two. Always verify the veracity of facts

Facts need to be verifiable. So, Google the facts of the information and see if different sources say the same thing about that information, is also another way to check if a news is true.

Doing this is simpler than you think. For example, if you receive a news saying: “Apple announces purchase of Google, stocks soar in the market”. You can search for key words and facts in the news to verify that this information is true.

3. Also be wary of images

Not everything that the images show is also true. But, did you know that you can check the origin of an image on Google? The search tool has an image search function. You can access it by clicking here.

To make this very simple, you can save an image to your computer or mobile phone and then place it in Google Images search. This function is also available in the Google mobile app.

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By searching for an image you can see all its usage history on the internet. So, it’s very important to always investigate.

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