Startup announces expansion to meet demand from Ford and BMW for solid batteries

Solid Power, a startup battery manufacturer supported by Ford and BMW, will be upgraded in Colorado, United States. Doug Campbell, the company’s CEO, confirmed that a large investment will be made to expand the battery production capacity by up to 25 solid.

  • BMW and Ford make an investment of US$ 25 million solid batteries
  • Lithium metal battery could make electric car charge up to 20 min
  • Rio will have the 1st battery laboratory for electric cars in Latin America
  • This type of battery is considered the evolution and future of the segment, as it lacks a liquid electrolyte, the material that moves the ions between the cathode and the anode in traditional lithium ion batteries. Solid batteries, in addition to reducing costs, also extend the life of the accessory and, besides, are safer.

    — Solid Power (@SolidPowerInc) September 8, 2021

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    According to the CEO of Solid Power, the use of solid batteries would have prevented, for example, accidents involving General Motors Chevrolet Bolts, which had to be recalled due to fire risk. “We strongly believe that these issues that Hyundai and GM are now facing would be resolved with a solid-state battery. After all, it is the liquid electrolyte that serves as the spark that leads to thermal runaway,” he explained.

    Planning and partnership

    The startup executive confirmed that the company’s plans are audacious. According to Campbell, the idea is to place Solid Power at the top of the solid battery industry chain. “We want to be the leaders”, he simplified.

    He also revealed that the funds needed for growth should come from an agreement with the company Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp. III. The deal should fatten the battery manufacturer’s safes with US$ 2021 million.

    • Lithium-metal batteries promise to double the autonomy of electric cars

    The company’s planning, however, it is not about going up against giants in the sector, such as LG or Panasonic, but rather to license the cells produced and negotiate them with the biggest companies in the field. Campbell’s idea is for solid battery cells to start testing in Ford and BMW cars as early as 2021, going into production in mass between 2022 and


    Source: TechCrunch

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