Among Us fantasies show that fashion is an imposter

InnerSloth, the developer of Among Us, took the concept of ejecting imposters too seriously and launched the official fantasy of game. There are four models, red and black for adults, for US$ 39,99 (about R$ 236,70, at current price), and orange and purple for children, for US$,99 (about R$ 210,10).

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  • Unfortunately, none of them appear to be an imposter (Image: Disclosure/InnerSloth)

    The product is already being a success. US retailers Amazon and Walmart are out of stock of the dubious quality inflatable costumes. But in case someone wants another type of costume other than the official one, the HalloweenCostumes store has already opened the pre-sale of its versions, for the same prices — and with delivery in Brazil.

    HalloweenCostume is the imposter? (Image: Screen Capture/Guilherme Sommadossi/Canaltech)

    With the Month of Halloween approaching, the game’s developer and costume shop have already wanted to ensure that the streets of the United States are full of crew. A curious fact is that the game costs US$ 4 on Steam (R$ 40,65 in the Brazilian store), that is, the costume is almost 39 times the value of the game.

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    And you, reader? Which costume did you like best? Would you have the courage to use one of them around? Tell us there in the comments!

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    • Among Us is available for free for Android and iOS phones and in versions paid for PC and Switch. The game’s debut on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S is scheduled for 2021.

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