Charging electric cars in Brazil has never been easier; understand

You may have already read in our articles on Canaltech that the biggest problem for electric car users in Brazil is recharging your batteries. Despite the weak infrastructure for these vehicles, our market has grown substantially in terms of the number of license plates and this has also been reflected in the increase in the number of recharging stations available in the country. Even far from ideal, it’s never been so easy to carry an electric vehicle around here.

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  • According to data from the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE), in a study carried out in partnership with Tupinambá Energia, the number of electric stations grew 50% between March and July 2021, jumping from 500 points for 735 — of these, 735 in operation. The great highlight is the state of São Paulo, which comprises almost half of all units available in Brazil. However, private chargers and those from concessionaires were not accounted for.

    In addition, the country’s recharge profile was drawn up, which took into account public places, such as parks and streets; and semi-public, such as shopping malls and supermarkets. In this case, the division looked like this:

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  • Exclusively Type 1;
  • Exclusively Type 2 (the vast majority);
  • Exclusively CHAdeMO;
  • Exclusively CCS 2;
  • Type 1 and Type 2 (dots with both options);
  • Type 2/CHAdeMo/CCS 2 (dots with the three options);
  • Tesla standard.

    Most of this equipment is up to 7.4 kW per because of the electrical infrastructure of the properties. But the number of 11 kW and 22 kW because of the license plate of more vehicles that operate these loads in alternating current. As for power, only CCS2 devices operate with 31 kW and those that operate with AC and DC plugs are mostly 59 kW.

      (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/ Canaltech)
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    The division by state was like this:

    • São Paulo: 49,31%;
    • Santa Catarina: 21,%;
    • Rio de Janeiro: 9,31%;
    • Paraná: 7,500%;
    • Federal District: 7,50%;
    • Minas Gerais: 6,22%;
    • Holy Spirit: 2,59%;
    • Rio Grande do Sul: 2,07%;
    • Pernambuco: 1,72%;
    • Goiás: 1,07%;
    • Bahia: 0,31%;
    • Mato Grosso: 0, 31%;
    • Mato Grosso do Sul: 0,31%.
    • Hey, canaltechers? Have you ever seen an electric car charger in your region or neighborhood? Tell us in the comments!

      Source: ABVE

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