New York passes law that decrees the end of combustion vehicles as of 2035

The state of New York has taken the first step to definitively end the era of fossil fuel-powered cars in the region. Governor Kathy Hochul signed a law that will prohibit the sale of combustion powered vehicles from 2035 and, in addition, will require all new cars to be zero carbon emission.

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The law will cover not only passenger vehicles, but also off-road equipment -road, medium and heavy vehicles. The deadline for these last two categories, however, will be a little longer and will take effect from 2035.

The governor’s idea is to reduce carbon emissions throughout the state in % with the application of the new law. If you succeed, New York will have levels 85% lower than those presented in the decade in 1990.

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With the decision, New York became the first US state to have a law passed by a state legislature and signed by the governor. The expectation is that it will serve as an example and model for other states that have already expressed their views on the matter, such as California with the Clean Air Act, Massachusetts and Washington.

Starting from scratch

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The main obstacle for the New York governor putting the plan into practice is the fact that the state has to start the mission practically from scratch. According to the most recent data released by the government, only 1% of new vehicles sold in the region are fully electric.

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The strategy to reverse the situation is based on two pillars: the first is the incentive for people to start buying more electric cars. The idea is to promote price parity between passenger cars from 2022 and for SUVs and trucks from 2035. The second pillar is the investment in the construction of supply networks.

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Projections indicate that in 2045 the city of New York, which concentrates 60% of the population of the state will need 800 thousand level 2 and 300 quick charge thousand. The initial steps were taken with the installation of a few pieces of equipment on the sidewalks, with electric car owners paying by the hour of use.

The installation of electric vehicular chargers on street lamps is also an alternative that is being studied. Los Angeles has tried and already has more than 300 across the city, following the example of London , in England, which converted 1.85 light poles to also perform the loading of electric cars.

Source: Ars Technica

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