TikTok is planning to debut in the product delivery market

Have you ever imagined being able to buy food on TikTok? In China, this might be possible soon. The owner of the short video platform, giant ByteDance, would have completed its tests with the social network’s sister delivery app, Xindong Waimai, which is integrated into the social network there and was evaluated for two months.

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  • According to the Tech Planet website, by TikTok, the traditional short videos shown on vertical would be used to present offers and encourage consumption. The Xindong Waimai app would work with home delivery (delivery) and also in the form of direct withdrawal from the counter (takeout).

    Promotions and advertisements would be displayed in the live broadcasts section. In advertising any product, price and seller details (name, address and means of contact) would be highlighted.

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    Ordering food at TikTok would make the relationship between the consumer and a brand even closer ( Image: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash)

    Direct in the app

    If you like any offer, the consumer would not need to exit the app to complete the purchase. All you have to do is accept the offer, fill in the payment information and choose the method of obtaining the product (pick-up or delivery). If you prefer to receive it at home, an additional amount may be charged.

    As with popular delivery apps in Brazil, the service would work based on proximity — that is, based on the city where customers and establishments are located. Promotions and coupons would also be highlighted on the platform, so it’s nothing very different from what other similar services currently do.

    Placing products in the middle of a content platform further reduces the separation between the consumer and seller. It’s literally finding an ad on some social network (which is easy, as they are displayed in excess) and enjoy the offer directly in the app, without many extra touches or downloads.

    As for availability, this is unlikely to expand to regions beyond China. There, ByteDance has a strong presence as a service provider, while in the rest of the world the company is mostly seen through TikTok and other smaller platforms, such as the music streaming app Resso.

    Anyway, it’s a movement that may, in the future, marry with the virtual stores that recently debuted on the app in various parts of the world.

    Source: Tech Planet (Weibo), 36Kr

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