X-Men will have their own Captain America in the comics

The X-Men historically have very different methods from Captain America’s; while mutants often face threats together as a family, Avenger has fought like a soldier since World War II—excepting exceptions like Cable, who also uses military approaches. But the X-Men #6 magazine, which will come out in December in the US, will bring a character who could become the “mutant Captain America”.

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According to the synopsis, the story becomes calls What Happened to Captain Krakoa?

and says, “There’s a new hero in the X-Men Who is he? Why is he here? And why doesn’t Cyclops want him on the team?” Scott Summers currently holds the post of Captain Commanding Island Krakoa, which is now a nation-state, and apparently has some reason to distrust the new (supposed) hero.

The synopsis continues: “The heroes of Krakoa have another gift for their home planet: a selfless hero from the shores of Krakoa who will defend the Earth to his last breath.” The current arc features writer Gerry Duggan (Carrascos, Cable) and artist Pepe Larraz (

House of X,

X of Swords) as a creative team.

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    Cover of X-Men 6 ( Image: Disclosure/Marvel)

Marvel reset the X-Men magazine after the event Hellfire Gala

, in that the mutant community introduced its culture to the world and elected the new supergroup for the first time. Now they are returning to the role of heroes in other locations on Earth, which they had abandoned since the founding of Krakoa. The team mixes old and new X-Men and younger mutants, including Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Polaris (chosen by readers), Sincro, Wolverine (as Laura Kinney, formerly X-23) and Solaris.

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    • “It is my privilege and honor to ally myself again with Pepe Larraz while we launch beautiful and deadly threats on the X-Men starting in July,” Duggan said before the series premiere in July. “Mutants have saved themselves, and now they’re going to save the world. Krakoa will take root in the world’s capital, New York, and the inaugural year will star Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch, Sunfire and Polaris. fast and will hit hard, and every page of Pepe and Mars will blow your hair back.”

      Source: Comic Book

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