The 5 Hottest Movies Available on HBO Max

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There are times in life when we just want a little naughtiness. Nothing heavy, just the good old dog, as a certain philosopher out there used to say. It’s that time to disconnect from the world, sit on the couch and watch a movie a little spicier to let your imagination go wild or even to wake up that itch. And luckily, HBO Max has some good content options.

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They are very varied productions — and some of them quite classic — that take advantage of the highest rating to raise the tone in sensuality or even in the boldest scenes to tell their stories. Again, nothing free or explicit, just enough to raise the temperature and make things more interesting.

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So much so that it’s important to point out that these spiciest movies available on HBO Max use these scenes to give weight to your script, either to make humor around it or even to create drama or tension around the situation—which shows that sex can be used for multiple purposes within a plot. Still, we recommend not calling the family for a popcorn session to avoid further embarrassment. Just for guarantee, right?

5. Taking the Delay

We started our list with something a little lighter. The comedy Tirando o Detraso makes it very clear in its title what its proposal is. Starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, the film focuses on the trip of a grandson who is about to get married, but first needs to take his grandfather to Florida. The problem is that the elderly person decides to turn the tour into a bachelor party and indulges in the pleasures of nightlife. Art, but it’s a good rescue from the comedy of naughtiness, a genre that was largely forgotten in Hollywood since the end of the franchise American Pie. In addition, it brings very spicy scenes with both Efron himself and Aubrey Plaza, who crosses the path of the duo during the trip and delivers great moments.

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4. Inherent Addiction

Leaving the stories a little heavier, Inherent Vice works very well with the setting of this period without control that part of American society has lived over the years 1960 and 1970, abusing drugs and sex under the pretext of being a way of life that values ​​freedom. And it is in the midst of these psychedelic excesses that we follow the story of a detective, played by the always excellent Joaquin Phoenix, who needs to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film knows very well how to portray this climate of sexual freedom that marked the period, especially in the region of California, where the plot takes place, incorporating it into a much denser and more impactful detective story. 3. Sexual harassment

Film brings great performances, but suffers from the delicate theme and problematic approach. Still, a great production (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros.)

Speaking of tension, Sexual Harassment is one of those movies where sex it’s a fundamental part of the plot, but in a less than positive way. Starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, it tells the story of an executive who has to deal with the advances of his boss, who uses his position of power to try to get him into bed. With the denial, she starts accusing him of harassment and this turns his life and career into hell.

As the synopsis already makes clear, the film generates an immediate discomfort, mainly because the plot has not aged that well. Even though it’s an excellent production with incredible performances, Sexual Harassment deserves a huge asterisk to remember that it’s quite dated.

two. Boogie Nights: Unlimited Pleasure


Going back to the stories a little lighter, Boogie Nights is another production that takes advantage of the hoo-ha vibe from California in the years 503462 — a period that seems to fascinate director Paul Thomas Anderson — to tell the history of the pornography industry at that time. It’s already drawn attention, right?

And it is in this context that we follow the journey of Eddie Adams (Mark Wahlberg), a dishwasher who becomes one of the greatest actors porn in the world. And the tension of the plot lies precisely in what comes after that, with the consequences and dramas that arise from this life of excess.

The theme of Boogie Nights is enough to make a lot of people check the production, but it also brings a strong cast. In addition to Wahlberg himself, the feature film features Julianne Moore, Alfred Molina, Don Cheadle, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heather Graham — in other words, a great team.

1. Eyes Wide Shut


Eyes Wide Closed is the latest film by legendary director Stanley Kubrick (Image:Play/Play/Warner Bros.)

To close our movie list Spicy from HBO Max, a true movie classic. Eyes Wide Shut is historic not only for the weight of its plot and the performances of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, but also for being the last film directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick.

And unlike most of the movies mentioned in this list, sex here really plays a central role in the plot. It is not by chance that it is considered by many people to be an erotic drama, since the central discussion of the plot is the desires of its protagonists and the games they invent to satisfy them. It’s almost like a director’s study of pleasure.

The story begins with a couple who have an apparently perfect marriage, but who gradually begin to develop fetishes and fantasies that go beyond marriage. It’s just that things start to escalate quickly to the point of almost getting out of hand. From there, With Eyes Wide Shut becomes almost a psychological treatise on sex, desire and pleasure.

Once again, it’s an absolute movie classic — but you’d better see it alone at home.

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