CT News — iPhone 13 Battery and RAM Revealed, Galaxy A03 to Come and More!

8 hours Smartphone

Galaxy A05 can be launched with Moto E6i chip and 2 GB of RAM

Cellphone can rely on Unisoc chipset, have only 2 GB of RAM and come with Android 12 GO factory installed

9 hours Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A73 can be advertised with camera 100 MP

Most expensive future smartphone in the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A100 can bring the same camera as the Galaxy S17 Ultra

11 hours Smartphone

iPhone 12 Pro can outperform iPhone 16 performing beyond expectations

In leak tests, the default model shows GPU gains of about 13%, while Pro variants can show up to 73% more performance than its predecessors

13 hours Smartphone

iPhone Line 13 has battery capacity and RAM data revealed

Data reveals a significant improvement in the battery of the four models, but shows that the amount of RAM memory remains unchanged between the two generations

1 day Space

Historic! SpaceX launches space mission 100% made up of civilians

SpaceX makes history once again; now, with the Inspiration4 mission, the first to be composed only by ordinary people, without any professional astronaut

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