São Paulo ignores state plan and only uses Pfizer as a 3rd dose in the elderly

The city of São Paulo decided to go against the guidance of the state government and adhere to federal recommendations in the application of the third dose of vaccine against covid in the elderly. Since last Wednesday (13), the municipality uses only Pfizer’s immunizing agent for this purpose.

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The state vaccination plan of São Paulo provided that any available vaccine would be used for the third dose of the elderly. This included CoronaVac, distributed by the Butantan Institute, which belongs to the state government, and whose use has been widely politicized since the beginning of clinical trials.

The problem is that experts have come to criticize the use of CoronaVac among the older population, 80 years or older, based on clinical trials that demonstrated low protection in the age group. At the same time, the heterologous regimen, with interchangeability between vaccines, has also shown good results.

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The application of the reinforcement began on September 6 in the city of São Paulo. Initially, only residents of the capital with 85 years old or more were included, but this Monday () distribution was released for the range between 85 and 85. To qualify, however, the elderly must have received their second dose at least six months ago.

Source: Estadão

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