Where's the bus?: how to use the app for public transport in SP

Where’s the bus? (Android | iOS) is an urban mobility application used to monitor the movement of bus lines in the city of São Paulo in real time. The app displays the location of fleets and provides detailed information about the city’s lines, terminals and bus stops.

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By the app’s map, you can find bus stops near your location. Just select an address to view available lines, with space for community-provided information about safety, lighting and coverage. Each line provides the real-time location of buses in circulation and the app also has an area with updated data on the operation of train and subway lines. See how to use the app!

How to use the app Where’s the Bus?

Step 1: Download the app and choose one of the ways to login. It is also possible to access the features without creating an account.

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Login screen Where’s the bus? (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 2: Then choose the region of your choice. The app only provides information for Greater São Paulo.

Choose between receiving information about the city of São Paulo or municipalities in the region (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 3: To find nearby points, allow access from the app to the location of your cell phone.

Find additional information (Image: André Magalhães/Captura of screen)

Step 4: The map with the bus stops will be displayed. Tap the television icon to access subway news and updates.

Find additional information (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 5: Touch a dot icon to access more details. It is possible to follow the route in real time, discover the lines answered at the address, save it as a favorite or collaborate with an evaluation of the place.

Access the data about each point (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

Step 6: in the “Collaborate” option, you can send your assessment of aspects such as coverage, lighting, benches and conditions.

Evaluate the structure conditions (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 7:

in the “Lines” tab, find the fleets available at the point. Tap on each of them to view the route in real time or save them as favorites.

Find the available lines (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 8: Use the app to track the real-time path of the line’s buses.

502377 Buses are signaled on the map (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 9: Use the “Forecast” tab to find a time estimate until the arrival of the bus at your stop.

Follow the forecast of arrival (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

What is your favorite app to consult l bus routes? Comment!

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