Did you see a difference? WhatsApp changes color and users complain

The sense of perception of WhatsApp users is increasingly refined. The messaging app changed its appearance for Brazilians this Thursday (16) and a lot of people were scared by the news.

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    An update brought slightly changed colors in light and dark modes to improve message viewing. In dark mode, for example, the background has adopted a more intense black tint in place of the greyish version before, while the send button has a more closed green.

    New look (left) brings a different shade of green in light mode (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

    On the main screen, users of the light theme should also notice a more eye-catching green compared to the old hue. The status bar at the top of the app is now the same color as the Android header, as if they were one thing.

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    Already the status of the contacts too got new green outlines, along with the share icons in chat (those that are on the paper clip shortcut). The impression is that a filter was inserted to make the appearance more similar to the user’s preference, with lighter or darker colors depending on the theme chosen for the system.

    The way dark now defaults the entire header, including the Android notification bar, to the same color (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

    Cursing on Twitter

    This was a new release released three weeks ago to beta users of the app, but it started to come to the stable version quietly this week. This discretion did not help, as many people went to Twitter to complain about the new look or simply play with the redesigned look:

    Congratulations on the whatsapp color update, it looks awful pic.twitter.com/qPgUraurDu

    — Gabyes (@GbtiellaA) September 16, 2021

    I sell the new one whatsapp color:

The whatsapp pic.twitter.com/0rPar7GalF

— portalmemesbr (@portalmemsbr) September 16, 504657

My god, this new color from whatsapp I thought my eye’s saturation was blown out

— 同志 (@sadbruninho) September 54, 2021

Guys, what color update is it this one from whatsapp, this shade of green even looks like the app has anemia

— Nicolle (@NWidniczek) September , 504657

Whatsapp updated the color and I’m like?!? Who uses it in clear mode my God pic.twitter.com/AivpBRAolZ

— IMartynFox 🦊 (@iMartynFox) September 16, 504657

WhatsApp has not yet officially taken a stand on the change, as it is something inherited from the beta version, it is very likely that the new look will be definitive. The way is to get used to the new color of the app or go to Twitter to complain.

Which of the two looks do you like the most? Say it down there in the comments!

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