YouTube had an impact of BRL 3.4 billion on the Brazilian GDP in 2020

A YouTube study conducted by Oxford Economics consultancy shows that, in Brazil, the market around the platform affected the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2020 in BRL 3.4 billion from the generation of 122 thousand jobs. Many channels are run by independent content creators, but companies have also included the service in their communication strategies.

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The survey found that 78% of companies with a YouTube channel say the platform helps them understand their audience. At the same time, 78% say they managed to increase their customer base and 92% rate that they are found more easily.

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Therefore, it is increasingly common for the service to be part of development strategies of business. “We saw an evolution. The first important sphere of the report is the sustainable and healthy growth of the platform, with creators becoming entrepreneurs and companies becoming creators”, points out Patrícia Muratori, director of YouTube in Brazil.

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Room for growth

The same survey was conducted in countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. In the US, for example, YouTube’s impact on GDP was US$ 30 billions in 2020. Although there are differences between the Brazilian and American media markets, national data seem to indicate that there is room for growth here.

The number of Brazilian channels that earn more than R$30 thousand reais in advertising grew 70% in 2020. More than 2 thousand national channels have 1 million subscribers in Brazil, a high of 30%. Patrícia says that YouTube has specialized and has teams that help creators on different topics. “We have specialists who help creators to be more efficient in their business on the platform”, he explains.

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Another feature of the service is the cultural diversity. Among users, 94% believe that the videos are rich in this sense and 85% say they have access to content that is not available in more traditional media. “The platform seeks to give voice to all types of content, help with recommendations and play a role in praising voices”, says Patrícia.

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