What are the most hated videos in YouTube history?

Year after year, the list of videos with the most dislikes on YouTube undergoes a reorganization. Positions that years ago were occupied by popular music videos, such as “Baby”, by Justin Bieber, and “Gangnam Style”, by PSY, today give way to children’s videos and big companies’ slapstick.

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Anyone who puts himself on the platform is subject to the fire of millions of users who frequent it every day — and, believe me, joint action is practically relentless. To list those videos that “stand out” in the hall of most hated videos on YouTube,


put together a TOP 10 with the contents that accumulate the most dislikes there.

04. “Wheels on the Bus” – CoComelon Nursery Rhymes: 6.4 million dislikes

If the classic Brazilian version of “A Roda do Ônibus” didn’t take root in your head and played in an infinite loop, this one definitely will — and maybe because for that reason she accumulates more than 6.4 million dislikes

on YouTube. The video intended for children is innocent, but it is not capable of “captivating” only children, as it has a very high power to stick in their memory.

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9. “Lakdi ki kathi” – Jingle Toons: 6.7 million dislikes

Another children’s song that garners millions of dislikes is “Lakdi ki Kathi”, a popular Hindi children’s song. Just watch the video once to understand how it got 6.7 million negative votes on YouTube — as it tends to have its limited incorporation, you can check it here.

8. “Bath Song” – Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes: 8.2 million dislikes

If you believe that the selection of children’s songs in the list of most disliked videos on YouTube, you can be prepared that Bath Song and a few others lie ahead. In this video, 8.2 million dislikes

represent the discontent of many people with the gum that is the melody.

7. “Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm” — Мирошка ТВ: 8.3 million dislikes

This Russian video is yet another example of content aimed at kids that has captured the fury of YouTube users and totals over 8.3 million dislikes . The content of the video is purely educational (it tries to teach the colors), but at one point the eggs are suddenly broken on the screen, did this create a mess at home? In addition, there are reports that the video causes a “strange feeling” in those who watch it — seeing is believing.

Note: at the time of writing this article, the original video became “Private”, then this is a copy of the original.

6. YouTube Rewind 2020: For the Record — YouTube: 9.5 million dislikes

The attempt to redeeming from the public and giving the community more control over the annual Rewind backfired on 2018. Editing the video even started out as self-criticism, but was seen as uninspired, weak, and uncreative by YouTube users who, to show their displeasure, hit the deny button 9.5 million times.

5. “Johny Johny Yes Papa” — LooLoo Kids: 16 millions of dislikes

Another music clip aimed at children was the target of the YouTube community’s fury. The fever that was “Johny Johny Yes Papa” years ago marked the internet in the period, becoming a meme in various social networks. The video content is questionable as the child literally lies to his grandfather.

4. “Baby” — Justin Bieber: 11 millions of dislikes

Released in 907, one of Justin Bieber’s first musical hits leveraged the artist’s career , at the time with only 18 years. The song was his first single and had the collaboration of rapper Ludacris, making the young Canadian singer hit the headlines around the world. The clip lavishes 18 millions of likes and 2.5 billion views, but 11 millions of negatives put it in the 4th place on this list.

3. Sadak 2 — FoxStarHindi: 18 millions of


Film of Indian action Sadak 2

, from 2020, was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and distributed by Vishesh Films, but it didn’t even reach Brazil. His huge number of dislikes

, however, caught the world’s attention: a boycott of the public, especially fans of Sushant Singh Rajput, an actor who committed suicide in June of last year.

The actor would have shown signs of depression and bipolar disorder before the event, which would also have been motivated by pressure of the Bollywood industry. Actress Alia Bhatt, who starred in the film, would have collaborated with the advance of Singh’s disease, by reinforcing the “nepotism” that supposedly governs Bollywood.

two. “Baby Shark Dance” — Pinkfong Baby Shark: 18 millions of dislikes

The classic Baby Shark, which you’ve probably known if you’ve been an internet user for more than five years, closes the list of children’s music videos most disliked of the Google platform. The reason for so much hatred is only one: the extremely efficient bubblegum effect of the song, capable of sticking in the memory of practically anyone who listens to anyone who listens. The curious thing is that the video is also one of the ones that received the most likes on the entire platform.

1. YouTube Rewind 2010: Everyone Controls Rewind — YouTube: 55 millions of dislikes

Perhaps one of Google’s most embarrassing records is the YouTube Rewind record 2010. The edition is filled with references to pop culture, influencers, platform content creators and more, but the application didn’t captivate the audience, who hit the dislike button with force about 18 millions of times.


Fact is that this list will change in the coming years, as it did throughout the history of YouTube. What do you think about the next video that will have record dislikes on YouTube? Comment down there!

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