Pokémon GO: Community Day in October will be Duskull; know more

This past week, the Pokémon GO team announced the date of their next “Community Day”: October 9th . This time, Duskull, the Pokémon Requiem, will be the highlight of the event!

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Community Days are long-awaited events by Pokémon GO fans. During the event, all trainers can find the highlighted Pokémon species more easily. In addition, there are other rewards like special attacks, rare items, new research rewards and lots of stardust.

(Image: Disclosure/Pokemon GO)

Duskull is a ghost-type Pokémon that has two evolutions: Dusclops and Dusknoir. They are well known species in Pokémon animation due to the Hoenn region episodes in Japanese animation.

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Duskull using Will-O-Wisp in the anime (Image: Playback/The Pokémon Company )

Also, many trainers are fans of Pokémon ghost type. So, keep this date in your calendar: Saturday, October 9th 2021, from 17 h at 17h, you can join the community day of Duskull in Pokémon GO .

Ghost Pokémon in the anime (Image: Reproduction/The Pokémon Company)

But before that, look: still in September, this next Sunday (19), all trainers will be able to enjoy the long-awaited community day of Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokémon. You can check out more information in this article that came out here on Canaltech!

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Source: Pokémon GO Live

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