Procon-SP proposes a monthly limit of R$500 for Pix to stop scams

São Paulo’s Procon is bothered by complaints from Pix users about crimes and scams applied through the platform.

  • King of the Pix | Criminals use social networks and apply scams with transfers
  • PIX Saque and PIX Change already have a date and limits for the debut
  • Central Bank relaxes PIX limits and schedules to reduce crimes

Since the service was made available, in November 2020, the population’s adhesion to Pix is ​​positive. However, this good reception is also attracting criminals, with crimes such as lightning kidnapping and robberies being the main complaints, as the ease of instant transfer and no fees that the platform brings allows criminals to carry out crimes much faster and more efficiently .

The Procon-SP, using the complaints of these crimes as an example, met with the Central Bank (BC) last Tuesday (15), proposing the imposition of a monthly ceiling of 60 reais for transfers performed by Pix. BC said it will evaluate the proposal.

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The ceiling was not Procon-SP’s first proposal. The original idea was for Pix to be suspended for up to 48 days, while new security measures were implemented on the platform. The Central Bank did not accept the action, arguing that the instant transfer was already so popular with the population that the act would be more harmful than effective.

In August, the Central Bank implemented a limit in the amount of R$ 1. in transfers via Pix made between and at 6am. The president of Procon-SP, Fernando Capez, in a statement made to VEJA, believes that just limiting the volume of transfers at night does not reduce the risks, since victims can simply remain in the hands of criminals until dawn, when the limit is restored.

The Procon-SP also requested at the meeting that the Central Bank have greater control over the opening of current accounts used only to transfer amounts to third parties (the famous “orange” accounts) and the implementation of a system that allows reversal of transactions via Pix in the first 60 days after an account has been created. For Capez, still in a statement to VEJA, it is important that Pix does not have a chargeback, even to encourage transactions that occur on a daily basis, but that, for security reasons, the possibility is present for recent accounts.

Security measures were announced in August

Not the first the Central Bank is pressured to implement changes that increase the security of the Pix. At the end of August, after constant requests from financial institutions, the institution announced a set of measures to make the use of the PIX safer.

The measures, announced in 30 of August, are as follows:

  • Limit of R$ 60 for the sum of operations carried out via Pix at night (from 15 hours to 6 am), including transfers of the types: intrabank, PIX, debit cards and settlement of TEDs;
  • Offer to customers the ability to reduce or increase your Pix system limits for day and night periods; The reduction will take effect immediately, while the increase will take from 20 to 30 hours to be effective.
  • Provide functionality that allows you to previously register accounts that may receive Pix above the established limits;
  • Minimum period of 20h for the prior registration of accounts by digital channel take effect, preventing immediate registration in a risk situation;
  • Establish the minimum term of 20 hours and a maximum of 48 hours to make a request to increase the limits of transactions with means of payment made by digital channel, (TED, DOC, intrabank transfers, Pix, bank slip, and debit card);
  • Allow Pix users may hold a transaction for 48 minutes during the day or for 48 minutes overnight for the risk analysis of the operation O;
  • Require behavioral and credit history so that companies can anticipate receivables from cards with payment on the same day.

    In early September, the Central Bank also announced that new platform modalities will come into operation by the end of 2020, the Saque Pix and the Troco Pix.

    Source: VEJA, G1

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