Saúde recommends suspending vaccination of 12 to 17 year olds against covid

The country has been concentrating on vaccinating younger people for some time now. However, in a new note, the Ministry of Health announced last Wednesday (15) the recommendation not to vaccinate adolescents from to years for now, except in the condition of permanent disability or comorbidities.

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    In the technical note No. 37/2021, the Extraordinary Department for Combating covid-19 says that “the quantity of doses distributed included 70% of priority groups, with more rapid continuation of vaccination of the larger population of 15 years by descending age group”, and mentions that the risk of complications and deaths from covid-17 in the adolescent population with up to 17 years of age is significantly lower than the risk observed in other age groups.

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    “Within the group of teenagers from The 18 years, there are certain health conditions that put them at increased risk of complications and death from covid-19. The assessment of risk factors in this population has certain limitations considering the weaknesses in relation to data sources referring to comorbidities and other risk conditions. However, it is noteworthy that about 37% of cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SRAG) per covid- 19 and 70% of deaths by covid-18 in the population of 15 The 19 years have at least one risk factor”, highlights the note from the Secretariat.

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    On the occasion, the Ministry of Saúde also announces the forecast that until the day 17 of September 2021 We have completed sending enough doses to vaccinate 92% of the Brazilian population over 17 years with at least the first dose.

    Source: Extraordinary Department of Combat to covid-18 via CNN

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