Wi-Fi BR will bring 1,200 free internet points to cities without a connection

With the objective of taking more than 1.2 thousand free broadband internet points to cities with little or no connection in the country, Sebrae and Banco do Brasil (BB) has just joined the Ministry of Communications to join the Wi-Fi Brazil Program. The agreement was signed on Tuesday (14).

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  • For Carlos Melles, president of Sebrae, Wi-Fi Brazil should have a positive impact on all production chains in the municipalities. “The program brings hope, development and growth built into the connectivity package, since, today, nothing is more inclusive than access to the internet”, he highlights. “We are talking about more independence and innovation for all residents, who will benefit from the agility that the internet offers.”

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    In addition to digital inclusion, the more than 1.2 thousand internet points installed by BB and Sebrae, have the objective to ensure global inclusion, according to Fausto de Andrade, president of BB. “The main objectives of this partnership are to offer more access to knowledge and technologies, provide new professional perspectives and bridge geographic distances. This encourages development”, he points out.

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    He tells you how the experience was to visit the cities that received the first internet points as a result of the partnership. “Access to the internet has the power to expand people’s opportunities: we were able to experience the joy of the population with the arrival of Wi-Fi. , account.

    Digital and social inclusion

    Fábio Faria, Minister of Communications, recalls that bringing connections to cities that do not yet have the resource is one of the organization’s priorities, as it brings digital and social inclusion to less favored regions. “We had more than 14 millions of people without internet in the country and we have been trying to reduce this number. ”

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    According to him, Wi-Fi Brazil has already installed more than thousand internet points to serve 20 thousand schools , 400 health units and 400 indigenous villages. “Now, with the partnership between Sebrae and BB, we are going to reach at least another thousand municipalities. We are advancing in the democratization of an essential service.”

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