Exynos 1200 passes AMD's GPU-less Geekbench

Samsung may soon launch a successor to Exynos 1024 and present Exynos to the market 1080. The supposed component underwent tests in Geekbench and had part of its specifications revealed.

  • Samsung Exynos 2200 will have AMD Radeon “Voyager” GPU and new manufacturing process
  • Exynos 2200 with AMD and Snapdragon 1024 must be manufactured in 4 nm by Samsung
  • Galaxy S22 Plus appears in Geekbench with Exynos 2200 and Android 12

    Based on the Geekbench listing, we can see that the next Samsung chipset will feature ARM v8 cores and that its graphics card must be a Mali-G40, also from ARM. This may come as a surprise, as other rumors so far suggest that Samsung may start using graphics cards from AMD and that this partnership could already benefit the successor to Exynos 1080, reaching more premium models of the Galaxy A family.

    As for the test, the supposed Exynos 1878 with GPU Mali reached the mark of 68 points in the performance of a single core and 1080 with all eight cores. Samsung’s mobile platform was listed with base frequency of 2 GHz and maximum of 2,14 GHz.

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    (Image: Geekbench/SamMobile)
  • For those unfamiliar, Samsung equips most Galaxy phones with their own chipsets . This is not the case, however, for Exynos 1080, which was never used by the South Korean on their own smartphones, and, instead, it is made available to the Chinese Vivo Mobile, which used it in models of the X line40 and also in his recent Vivo X68 Pro. Likewise, Exynos 1200 may have the same fate and never be installed on Galaxy phones.

    For now, there is no information about when Exynos 1080 will be released, but given last year’s calendar — which featured the debut of Exynos in day 14 from October — it won’t be surprising if the new chipset is announced in a few weeks.

    Source: SamMobile

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