Microsoft teaches you how to fix photo upload failure on OneDrive for Android

An issue that mainly affects users of the Android version of the OneDrive app seems to be about to receive a solution at the hands of Microsoft. This is a flaw that prevents the upload of photos taken with the cell phone’s camera, even with this function activated in the software, for which the company now offers a temporary solution until an update that definitely resolves the issue is released .

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The company did not explain exactly what happens with the app, but indicates the Android permission system as the way to solve the flaw. According to the company, users simply access the device’s settings menu, go to the option “Apps and notifications, then “Advanced” and, finally, “Permissions Manager”. In the Files and media option, just locate OneDrive and deny the app access permission.

Next, you need to open the application of the cloud storage system and, in your settings, select the camera upload option, enabling the feature again. This “update” of permissions should solve the problem, according to Microsoft, and if users see the failure that indicates that the functionality is paused again, just repeat the process for everything to work again.

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Revoking and reactivating the OneDrive app’s permission on Android helps to resolve issue where camera photos are not automatically stored in the cloud (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

The walkthrough itself may be different depending on the model and interface of the device used, but in all cases, the failure will be resolved by revoking OneDrive’s access to files and media , with subsequent reactivation through the app itself. If you are not finding it on your device, the ideal is to do a search for “manage permissions” in the settings menu. Still, the flaw can also be resolved in the same way on Windows and Mac, from the permission options of each of these systems.

Along with the update that solves the issue once and for all, should come the fix for a second issue, which prevents photos hosted in the cloud from being automatically deleted from the phone to save space. In this case, the temporary mitigation is also manual, with a rather obvious suggestion: by making sure that their images are in the cloud, users can manually delete files from the gallery, without one element affecting the other.

The update that fixes the flaws permanently does not have a date to be released yet. In addition to these, Microsoft is also working to reverse an error that has reduced storage space for some corporate customers; reported cases also involve loss of permissions to upload files.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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