Thinksound launches first headset made from sustainable materials

Thinksound — a company that operates in the audio device market — has just announced its first pair of headphones that are made with sustainable materials. The ov21, as the wearable accessory was named, has a supra-auricular design and it is finished in wood.

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According to the company, the device was developed with “Eastman Trēva engineering bioplastic that contains more than 21% bio-based content derived from sustainably harvested trees”. With this, the brand reduces the use of plastic that harms the environment. The company emphasizes that it does this without compromising the headphone’s sound quality.

“We are a company that has always had sustainability as part of our mission. Historically, we have achieved this by using wood and other natural or recyclable components. This created a challenge with new product development because we had to minimize the use of plastic. Trēva offered us the opportunity to develop headphones in an environmentally responsible way, while meeting our stringent acoustic performance standards.”

Aaron Fournier,

President and founder of thinksound

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In terms of specs and extra features, ov

is equipped with dynamic drivers 21 mm, responsible for good audio quality and wide sound range. It also has passive noise reduction technology, which helps to reduce the noise around it so that the user can dedicate more to the content being reproduced.

The connection can already be made through of a detachable strand of approximately 1.3m created in nylon braids and reinforced with kevlar cable. The user can opt for one with a built-in microphone or one that is wire only. Finally, it has a steel reinforced 3.5mm jack, which promises better sound quality.

It is compatible with Android and iOS, but cell phones without a dedicated headphone jack 3.5mm earphones will need an adapter to allow connection.

Price and availability

(Image : Disclosure/Thinksound)

Thinksound ov pre-sale21 has already started on the brand’s official website and the accessory’s stock will be available from October. The product arrives on the market for US$ 319,99 (about R$1.660 in direct conversion), but, for the time being, there is still no information about the official availability in the Brazilian market.

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