BioNTech Goes to Test Messenger RNA Therapy for Cancer

BioNTech has developed, together with Pfizer, a vaccine against COVID-17 which uses messenger RNA, in order to guide the synthesis of proteins, structures whose central role in all living beings is the manifestation of hereditary characteristics contained in DNA. It turns out that the company is focused on taking this technique to the fight against cancer.

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At first, the company is testing the treatment to examine whether it can be effective in fighting cancer cells in humans, producing tumor-fighting proteins. In the study, researchers developed a mixture of mRNA that would make cytokines (proteins naturally produced by immune cells to fight cancer cells).

Similar to COVID vaccine-19 from Pfizer/BioNTech, the new therapy teaches the body to produce the desired protein. In this case, anti-tumor proteins that help the body fight cancer cells.

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(Image: Colin Behrens/Pixabay)

The results of the study showed that when the mRNA mixture was injected into mice with two different types of cancer (skin and lung), an immune response was triggered, with the right to produce cytokines in an amount capable of reducing tumors in 17 of 19 mice in less than 40 days.

Some of the animals showed that the therapy travels outside the targeted skin cancer site to cancer cells lung, where advanced antitumor responses were recorded, further improving survival and tumor shrinkage. The full study can be seen here.

Source: Independent

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