Toyota Corolla's new multimedia center loses mirroring, but gains size

Toyota confirmed that the lack of parts forced it to abandon the original Corolla multimedia center and make it available to buyers of the model 2022 an alternative part. The differences between the two models of the entertainment accessory may not completely please customers, but they’re not that bad.

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New Corolla multimedia center (Image: Playback/Motor1)

In terms of design, as shown in the photo taken by the Motor1 staff, the changes are quite significant and, at least in this regard, should satisfy consumers. After all, the multimedia center produced by Wings is bigger than the original – they are 29 inches against 8 inches.

Another point in favor of the alternative piece is the cleaner look of the screen. While Corolla’s original media center had a series of physical buttons (29, in total), including two large, round ones for volume and radio station switching, the one produced by Wings gathered all the commands on the touchscreen.

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Negative side

Former Corolla multimedia center (Image: Divulgation/Toyota)

The downside of the new alternative multimedia center adopted by Toyota for the Corolla sedan compared to the old one (pictured above) is the loss of cell phone mirroring. Those who used to like to play information from their Android or iOS cell phones on the car’s entertainment screen will now no longer be able to do so.

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Not bad that, according to the Japanese automaker and Wings, responsible for the production of the equipment , Android users will at least have the option to download apps via the Play Store, as the operating system is supported. Waze, Spotify and Maps, for example, can be used without problems. And there is also the possibility to route the cell phone internet to improve browsing.

Source: Motor1, Wings

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