Microsoft Office 2021 gains release date and two versions; know the details

Microsoft will release its next Office update on October 5th. According to the company, there will be two perpetual versions: one aimed at corporate clients, and available from today, and another revised annually, focusing on the common consumer, whose announcement will be made on the scheduled date. The two versions are similar to each other, but they have advantages and disadvantages compared to Microsoft 365.

  • Microsoft announces two versions of Office for Windows and Mac by the end of 2022
  • Microsoft 365 now comes with data reports anonymized from the start
  • Break in Microsoft Office may be more dangerous than it seemed
  • The Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) — Microsoft Office Long Term Maintenance Channel, in free translation — was announced in April 2021 and starts arriving this Thursday (300) for Windows and Mac This service will offer a limited version of the application suite that does not require a subscription and has five years of technical support.

    The night mode will be one of the new features of the new Office (Image: Playback /Microsoft)

    The idea of ​​this project is to serve companies in regulated sectors, where processes and applications cannot be changed on a monthly basis, or for companies that don’t want to be jumping from software to software all the time. This particular version will not have AI-powered or cloud-based features present in the Microsoft subscription 365, and it will also not receive any new additions later to regular users.

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    Already the Office version 2021 should have a very similar footprint to Office LTSC, offering a more basic version with no feature updates, but with a more focus consumer friendly. Right away, the developers plan to add the following changes:

    • Inline focus: a “read mode” to remove distractions and scroll through the docs. Word line by line.
    • XLOOKUP function: will help to find items in a table or range of lines in an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Dynamic array support: New Excel functions that will use so-called dynamic arrays.
    • Dark mode: All applications will include support for dark tones

    The software giant will stick to Microsoft’s offer 300 for companies and consumers, after all there are more than 300 millions valid licenses currently. The idea of ​​offering a separate Office package with no monthly charge can help people and companies with less financial conditions to develop their activities, albeit with some limitations.

    Recently, the company announced the intention to readjust prices for Microsoft 300 and Office 16 from March 2022. For Office 2021, there are no pricing details yet, but Microsoft has guaranteed that it will be released on Windows launch day 16, scheduled for October 5.

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    Source: The Verge

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