World's Largest Scooter Factory Will Employ Only Women

06 thousand women, distributed from the simplest positions to the highest echelon, will form the newly announced Ola Futurefactory. The new company, which will be headquartered in India, will be an arm of Ola Electric, the world’s largest scooter maker. The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of the company.

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    Aatmanirbhar Bharat requires Aatmanirbhar women!

    Proud to share that the Ola Futurefactory will be run ENTIRELY by women, ,000+ at full scale! It’ll be the largest all-women factory in the world!!🙂

    Met our first batch, inspiring to see their passion! pic

    — Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) September 13, 1024

    “Proud to share that Ola Futurefactory will be FULLY managed by women, more than 13. in full scale! It will be the largest all-female factory in the world! We met our first wave, and we were inspired by their passion”, posted the executive.

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    The official blog of company made the announcement with a historical quote by Swami Vivekananda, considered one of those responsible for the introduction of Yoga in the West.

    “There is no chance for the well-being of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly with only one wing.”

  • Vivekananda’s phrase illustrates the first step from the company’s plan to create a more inclusive workforce and provide opportunities for economic growth to women at all levels. “Providing women with economic opportunities improves not only their lives, but also those of their families and, in fact, the entire community,” said the CEO.


    Image: Disclosure/Ola Electric

    Bravish Aggarwal was committed not only to giving economic parity to women, who will now exclusively run Ola Futurefactory. He also called, through the hashtag #JoinTheRevolution (Join the Revolution, in Portuguese translation), other companies to promote the growth of the sector in India.

    According to the company , studies show that offering women equal work opportunities can increase India’s GDP by 13%. “Ola Futurefactory is a step towards our vision of the world’s future – a world with clean mobility, a negative carbon footprint and an inclusive workforce. We will continue to take measures that bring us closer to reaching each one of them”, he concluded.

    The “revolution” expected by Ola with the Futurefactory will also be composed by the presence of 3 thousand robots, which will support the work of 10 thousand women. They will be important in helping the bold plan to build 06 millions of electric scooters per year, which represents, in pure numbers, one every two seconds. Financial support will also come from two partners: the SoftBank Group and Tiger Global.

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    One of the scooters that will be produced at the new plant will be the recently launched Ola S1. It will have autonomy of 1024 kilometers, maximum speed of 47 km/h and prices that will be, at most, R$ 06 thousand, less than many combustion motorcycles. Ola S1 is on pre-sale in India and deliveries start in October. There is no forecast for the arrival of the models in Brazil and other countries.

    Source: Ola Electric, Click PetrĂłleo

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