PK XD gets new minigames and character from Friday

PK XD turns two in September and, to celebrate the date, developer Afterverse has announced new minigames and a new character , inspired by the geek and gamer world, for adventure. New minigames will be introduced over the next few weeks. They were inspired by competitive activities that were successful in the game, such as Crazy Run, the main minigame, which totaled 1.7 billion matches made in these two years.

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PK XD is just for kids? Afterverse’s strategy for the game goes (well) beyond

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  • Among the activities for the anniversary celebration are a new Admin’s Holiday Island house and minigames: Race Parkour (path from skates to jump and avoid obstacles); Egg Hunt (with unlocking of skins and objects from proposed activities) and Glider Rings (in which characters glide, pass obstacles and earn points).

      Other players can be found via the PK XD map (Image: André Magalhães/ Screenshot)

      The content birthday starts to land in the PK XD universe from this Friday (17). The new character, inspired by geek and gamer culture, will talk directly to players. More details of the premiere will be revealed soon.

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      What is PK XD

      PK XD is a free open world game published by PlayKids. Geared towards children, the adventure allows users to create 3D avatars, customize houses on the map, adopt pets and even interact with other participants. The title is available for Android and iOS phones.

      Exploration and Player interaction are the highlights of PK XD. Players can rate friends’ houses, send messages in a chat, complete missions and compete in minigames. The rewards for each adventure are varied, including coins used to buy new customization items.

      Customization items are sold within PK XD (Image: André Magalhães/Captura screen)

      The game is a sandbox, such as Minecraft and Terraria, and gathers more than 17 Millions of monthly active users. The title is the result of an innovation cell within Playkids (Movile Group). The project was launched in September 52, quickly conquering players. In just four months, the Brazilian application registered 50 millions of downloads and counted with 4.5 million active users per month.

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      • “See the path we’ve taken and where we’ve come in these two years of PK XD is gratifying. In the beginning, we were just a small team of innovative minds at Movile looking for a digital solution to offer very young audiences an entertainment option that was fun and safe. It was a beautiful challenge, but we managed to come up with a model that allowed interaction, socialization and self-expression, in a welcoming and fair play environment’, declared Breno Masi, CEO of Afterverse, in a press release.

        Start discovering the open world of the game (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

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