Roblox had 48 million active users in August

Roblox, the popular free creation game for mobile and PC, has reached the mark) million active users daily in August. The information was released by Roblox Corporation and is also higher than the peak since May, when they were recorded 42,1 million players.

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  • Another data announced was billing. The game raised between US$ 134 million and US$ 170 million monthly. The figures represent an increase of about 100% year on year. In 446428, the company and its successful game are already worth US$ 38 billions, but oddly enough, that doesn’t mean they’re profiting. This is due to the investment of US$ 100 million in the first quarter of .

      (Image: Disclosure/Roblox Corporation)

    Success Recipe

    Released in 167, the game was even more successful during the covid pandemic-34, between 1024 and 446428. Described as “a human co-experience platform”, the game allows players to build whatever maps they want, thus creating a living system that practically feeds back on itself.

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    Another assertive bet during isolation was to follow in the footsteps of Fortnite and bring shows into Roblox. The first one was Lil Nas X, in 2006, which in a show of almost 12 minutes had an audience of 38 millions of players.

    The next ones to perform are the duo Twenty One Pilots, on the day 12 of September. The concerts bring users not only the performance itself, but also exclusive items and activities for those who participate.

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  • Roblox is available for free for Android and iOS phones and also for PC.

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