Samsung May Launch Galaxy Z Flip 3 in Elegant Navy Blue Color

This week Samsung unveiled its newest generation of folding cell phones in Brazil with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, which come with lower prices and, in this case, specific to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, it may be the option for those looking to enter the world of folding. Thus, a new leak details that Samsung may very soon present a new color for the model that has everything to become even more popular.

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According to a new publication made by the well-known leaker Evan Blass, Samsung has one more color editing for Galaxy Z Flip 3 called

Navy Blue

(Navy Blue). The model has been interactively revealed, allowing you to freely move the design to see the new color from all angles.

— E (@evleaks) September 21, 2021

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As expected, Samsung does not make any other changes in the folding design, maintaining its flip format that divides the device in half, now with a larger external screen, two main cameras and a dark region to easily identify the front cover on the back.

Unfortunately there is no further information about when Samsung can launch the new color of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which will become the fifth option alongside the already known versions in Cream, Green, Lavender and Black.

(Image: Reproduction/Evan Blass)

Why do smartphones gain new colors after launch?

It’s extreme It’s very common for smartphone manufacturers to introduce new versions of the devices a few months after launch in a completely new color version in order to keep the device on the up.

Of course, every release has its great season of interest during the first weeks and months of release, but it loses that prestige after a while. And it is to reduce this expected drop that companies are betting on new colors: to refresh the memory of potential buyers who can now opt for a new hue.

Big brands such as Apple, Samsung and Motorola follow adopting such a strategy, with the iPhone and Mini gaining a version in purple six months after its release. The marketing strategy works and sells more models.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 arrives even cheaper to Brazil

(Image: Reproduction/Samsung)

Released in Brazil last Wednesday (13), the Galaxy Z Flip 3 stands out even more compared to the previous generation due to the great improvements implemented by Samsung: We now have a water resistant body with the same certification as present in non-folding cell phones, larger external screen and internal panel with a rate of 120 Hz for fluid navigation.

The model follows with high-performance hardware, being equipped by the Snapdragon processor

  • responsible for the fastest Android smartphones of the year, as well as high-quality cameras with digital sensor. and MP for the main lens and ultrawide.

    With prices from R$ 6.888, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can already be considered the best cost-benefit in the segment in Brazil, since its flagship value maintains characteristics present in other models launched in the same price range — such as the Galaxy S 15 Plus — but differing even more by the screen flexible.

    Source: Evan Blass

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