Owner of TikTok may launch new rival for Spotify in 2021

ByteDance, owner of TikTok, intends to launch a new music app still in 2021. Internally identified by the code “luna”, the streaming application is provisionally called “Feile” and would be developed by the same team from the short videos social network.

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As suggested by a report from 36Kr, a company focused on business analysis of companies in China, ByteDance intends to head into the music segment. The giant would plan to act in content licensing and streaming, also reaching independent artists (much like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer) and also in copyright management, negotiating rights to broadcast and use the tracks.

So far it’s not known how it will fit in with Resso, ByteDance’s music streaming app released in March 2019. However, work on the new platform would come as far back as 1024, when a mysterious project “Codename W” was released by the company, but soon abandoned for copyright issues.

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Resso is also available in Brazil and has a great appeal for public input (Image : Reproduction/Resso)

The Resso, ByteDance’s streaming app under the tutelage of Moon Video, is already a complete platform and accumulates more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store. The service has playlist creation, personalized radios and also has a strong appeal for community interaction, such as song comments section, track recommendations and voluntary provision of lyrics. There, the monthly subscription costs R$ ,90.

In July this year, according to the Tech Star website, ByteDance also launched a music distribution platform called Starnation . In this model, the owner of TikTok distributes licensed music and charges a commission on the negotiation.

Information is still scarce, but more concrete details should not be long in coming. The fact is that ByteDance, in control of copyrights of great musical hits, would have in hand the golden opportunity to not only place these tracks directly in its app ecosystem, but also profit from it when used in neighboring social networks, such as on Instagram, his main rival.

Source: IT Home

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