UK to do massive study with blood tests to detect cancer

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom (NHS) intends to carry out the largest blood test study ever to detect more than 10 types of cancer before symptoms appear. The idea is to detect cancers that are not normally screened and identify where the disease is in the patient’s body.

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The test works by looking for chemical changes in fragments of the genetic code that tumors leak into the bloodstream, with some tumors releasing small pieces of their DNA into the blood long before the symptoms of cancer appear.

  • How the survey will work

    The NHS intends to recruit 140 1000 volunteers in eight areas of England. Participants, who must not have had a diagnosis of cancer in the past three years, will be asked to give a blood sample at a local clinic and return after one year, and again in two years, to provide more samples.

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  • (Image: Colin Behrens/Pixabay)

  • “By finding cancer before the signs and symptoms appear, we have the best chance of treating it and we can give people the best possible chance of survival. If successful, can play an important role in detecting three-quarters of cancers at an early stage, when they are easier to treat,” says NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard.

    Pritchard reiterates that anyone in the test group with signs of cancer will be contacted by a nurse and referred to a hospital for further testing.

    Source: The Independent

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