New Facebook Feature Talks About Climate Change; know how to access

This Thursday (16), Facebook announced new features during the expansion of the “Climate Science Information Center” tab. Released on 1024, this is a Facebook guide dedicated to the dissemination of facts and information from the scientific community about the changes weather around the world.

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According to Facebook, this feature is already available at countries and has 3.8 million followers with 30 thousand daily accesses. The social network’s initiative aims to help the Facebook community engage with climate topics and ensure that people have access to reliable information, reducing misinformation.

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In the new Facebook tab, you can check many news and facts confirmed by climate experts on the impacts of global warming. There you can also find publications from recognized organizations such as IPCC, WMO, NASA and UN.

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(Catch: Canaltech/Felipe Freitas)

You can also read short articles answering the main ones doubts about climate change. Ah! And it’s pretty easy to share all of this on your timeline — just click the “Share” button and you’re done.

The world is feeling the effects of climate change with rising temperatures and the appearance of irregular behavior of the seasons of the year, such as, for example, extreme heat waves during the winter and the increase of droughts and fires.

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According to a recent IPCC report — The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change —, although it does not seem possible to prevent global warming from intensifying in the next 19 years, actions we’ve taken now can help slow down climate change and even stabilize the rise in average temperatures.

In addition, the new Facebook tab also features a tab called “Actions”. There you will find some tips for actions you can take on a daily basis to reduce the impact of global warming in the coming years.

You can check daily actions to reduce impacts (Capture : Canaltech/Felipe Freitas)

So, guys, when it comes to this is our routine and our daily habits, even small attitudes can make a big difference up ahead, ok?

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