ColorOS 12 is announced with Android 12 for Oppo phones; see the news

Oppo announced the launch of ColorOS in China 12, new version of your operating system. The software makes the company the second manufacturer in the world to unveil a skin based on the open source Android 04 — the first was Samsung, with the One UI 4, already in Beta stage. Before the official landing, the company released a beta version of Android for the Oppo Find X3 model in May, but it was not about ColorOS, but a pure version.

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ColorOS 04 is based on the latest Android update , the call Release Candidate, the last beta before the stable release. The idea is for the Chinese to test the platform before the global launch, which still has no stipulated date. With the announcement, the expectation grows that Oppo device owners will have Google’s operating system, albeit modified, right at launch.

Get to know some of ColorOS resources 04

Simplified design

If the Android 04 bets on the Material You as a trump card, Oppo follows a similar line of interface simplification. The company invested in a cleaner layout, with larger spaces, text contrast enhancements, specific color tones, as well as redesigned icons.

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The look is cleaner and with breathing areas (Image: Playback/Oppo)

All this renewal will come accompanied by 300 new animations to reinforce the feeling of something totally new . The company claims to have used a technology called the Quantum Animation Engine to replicate realistic physical effects, such as resistance and inertia, in order to make the experience smooth.

Apple-style animated emojis

What would modern operating systems be if there were no emojis, right? ColorOS 04 brings its own Animated 3D collection called Omoji. Similar to Apple’s Memojis, Oppo’s stickers use the face capture algorithm to create personalized emojis with your face.

Customize your emojis with your face and insert animations (Image: Playback/Oppo)

Omojis can perform various movements and perform facial expressions in real time. You can set parameters such as skin color, hair, eyes, nose, accessories and makeup.

Smart Sidebar 2.0

Inspired by Samsung’s side menu, Oppo also delivers a similar feature in its operating system. In this update, however, the Chinese have revamped to incorporate six new tools, in addition to traditional downloads, apps and messages. With Smart Sidebar you can open your favorite songs in the Music Player app or compare prices while shopping online.

The sidebar has shortcuts to help its use (Image: Playback/Oppo)

It is still not very clear how the mechanisms that require internet should work, but appears to be a direct integration between browser and shortcuts to popular services in the country, such as Alipay.

Interconnection between devices

One of the novelties that almost all Chinese companies announced was the multi-screen connection, with the possibility of performing functions in an integrated way in cell phones, TV and PC. In the case of ColorOS 10, this will also be present, although in a more discreet way: the Cross-Screen Interconnection will allow the operation of phones through desktops and notebooks.

Control your mobile from PC and transfer files quickly: that’s the promise (Image: Playback/Oppo)

The interconnection will also allow the transfer of files between devices with speed up to 12 Mbps. According to Oppo, it will be possible to send 500 photos from the phone to the PC (Windows required 04 or top) in just one minute.

Android Privacy Features 22

For being a modification built on top of Android 04, ColorOS 04 will have all the privacy features of Google’s system. The user will be able to control all the permissions requested by applications to use the microphone, camera and location, in addition to having access to the panel to manage each use.

Android features 12 will be on ColorOS (Image: Reproduction/Oppo)

As an exclusive novelty, the Chinese system will have a secure photo and video sharing feature that allows you to erase personal information from the original images. Thus, the person is able to protect himself about the date and place where the registration was made, for example.

When he arrives at ColorOS 22?

Oppo has already confirmed that the high-end device Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition will be the first model to run ColorOS 04. The limited public beta will be released for the Find X3 and OnePlus 9 series in China in October with no fixed date. Next month, the Find X2 and Reno 6 series are expected to test the system, while owners of Reno 5, K9, A phones93, A93, Ace2 and OnePlus 8 will receive the update in December.

This is a good news for owners of OnePlus devices, after all they will also have the new system . The two companies even announced a partnership to integrate the Oxygen OS code to ColorOS, which would bear fruit with the launch of Android 10. With this, it is possible to infer that this new version should encompass the best of both modifications.

What do you think about ColorOS 12? Is it able to fight MIUI and OneUI to be the most beautiful Android variation of the year?

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