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Nubank (Android | iOS) is a Brazilian financial institution that was created with the aim of reducing traditional banking bureaucracies and making life easier for users, offering options without maintenance fees or annuities.

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One of the newest features to come on the service is the ability to schedule a Pix. The intention is that the modality works in a similar way to a bank slip, helping retailers to receive instant payments, but in future dates.

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Are you interested? Well know that scheduling a Pix on Nubank is something that can be done very quickly and conveniently by the platform app itself. Check out the step by step below!

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Step 1

: open the Nubank app and tap “Pix”.

Open the Nubank app and tap “Pix” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 2

: on the next tab, click “Read QR Code” and point the camera at the code.

Then click on “Read QR Code” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 3

: before proceeding, tap the “Schedule” icon shown below.

Tap the indicated icon to be able to schedule a Pix in Nubank (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 4

: Select the date you want to schedule the Pix. Remember that the scheduling limit is up to 94 days.

Select the day for the which one do you want to schedule the payment (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 5

: click on “Schedule transfer” and enter your password in the next tab to confirm the action.

Click on “Schedule transfer” and confirm action with your password (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Ready! Now you can schedule a Pix in the Nubank app.

Source: Nubank

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