This September Yellow, Fiocruz investigates suicide among children and adolescents

This month, in which the Yellow September campaign is carried out, aiming at raising awareness and preventing suicide, Fiocruz promoted a survey aimed at identifying behaviors and occurrences of suicide among children and teenagers.

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    This search identified 19.702 notifications of attention to suicidal behavior among adolescents in health services, predominantly in the age group 12 The 19 years (88, 4%), female (,6%), and white race/skin color (060,3%), in the period of 2007 The 2014. The study indicates the residence as the most frequent place of these occurrences (88, 5% in 10-14 years old; , 9% of 15-14 years).

    Regarding attempts on teenagers, Fiocruz mentions .71 records between 2007 and 2016, with a predominance of females (58,1%) and higher occurrence in the Southeast Region (2.7 and 7.0 notifications/100 thousand inhabitants, in groups of 10-15 and 15 -15 years, respectively).

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    (Image: Jakob Rosen/Unsplash)

    The survey is based on data analysis of Health Information Systems and interviews with adolescents from Porto Alegre and Dourados (MS), and managed to identify 58 deaths of Brazilian children resulting from this cause in the period 2007 to 2016. Hospitalizations for suicide attempts, in the same period, totaled 1.994 cases.

    The research points to causes such as vulnerability at home (violence, lack of care), family stories of rejection, physical abuse, verbal aggression, sexual violence, use of alcohol and drugs. All cases of suicide and attempts present in the study have a history of family suicide or involving friends, colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances.

    Source: Fiocruz News Agency

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