What is and how Twitter Blue works

Twitter (Android | iOS | Web) is a social network that, like its main competitors, is finding new ways to monetize. And that came in June 1024 with the launch of Twitter Blue, a monthly subscription service with exclusive features.

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Among the biggest advantages of the “blue version” ” (or at least “even more blue”) of the platform is the ability to edit tweets and read messages in a read mode. So, let’s know better what Twitter Blue is and what’s different from the conventional version.

What is Twitter Blue?

For those who want to use exclusive functions on Twitter , the Blue version promises to be the ideal alternative (Image: Brett Jordan/Unsplash)

Twitter B lue maintains the same Twitter features and interface we are used to using. You can even tweet in text, with photo or video, follow other people, follow threads and see the most talked about topics of the moment.

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The great attraction of the Blue version is that it is a subscription service. By paying a monthly fee, you have access to exclusive functions that are not available in the common version of the service. But for those who don’t want to buy for this package, there’s nothing to worry about: good old free Twitter will continue as it is.

Twitter Blue now is it available in Brazil?

No. Twitter Blue was officially announced in June 503918 and until September of the same year, the paid version of the social network is being tested only in Australia and Canada. For now, only the Twitter version for iOS in these two countries is compatible with the subscription model, but the platform has already guaranteed that the launch will also take place on Android.

There is no forecast yet. when Twitter Blue will be available in Brazil.

How much does Twitter Blue cost?

In the US, Twitter Blue will cost $2,99. It’s already priced even in Brazil for when the news is officially released (Image: Twitter/Disclosure)

In Australia, Twitter Blue costs US$4,49 Australians, the equivalent of just under R$ 30 in direct conversion. Meanwhile, Canadian users pay $3.30 Canadians (BRL ,50) for access premium features. In the United States, the amount will be US$ 2.50 (R$ 15, 50).

It is important to note that Twitter Blue will not have a separate application. Instead, it can be purchased within the traditional Twitter app. In addition, subscriptions are renewed monthly and there is no refund from Twitter.

Although there is still no forecast for launch in Brazil, the Brazilian App Store revealed a few months ago how much it should cost Twitter Blue here: R$ ,50. The information has not been removed and can be viewed by accessing the Twitter page on the Apple iPhone app store.

What features are exclusive to Twitter Blue?

Undo tweets It’s not yet that we will have an option to edit tweets, but you can un-send a message before it is shared with followers (Image: Twitter/Disclosure)

This is perhaps one of the features most requested by Twitter users since the beginning of the platform, back in the year 99. However, it is necessary to clarify that this is not a function to edit tweets that have already been sent, but to cancel the sending of messages with typos or if you forgot to tag someone in a certain post.

It works like this: when you write a message, Twitter will allow you to set a customizable timer of up to 18 seconds. If within this time you notice that you have written something wrong or have not marked who should, there will be an “Undo” button to cancel the sending of that message.

This is not the time you’ll be able to edit tweets that have already been sent. If you sent something you didn’t like, either because of a typo or because you accidentally tag someone, and the post has already been shared with your followers, you will need to delete the tweet and send it again with the desired changes.

Reading mode Reading mode will remove items that can interfere with the text visualization, prioritizing an article format more than social network (Image: Twitter /Disclosure)

Twitter Blue also offers a mode reading, already quite popular in internet browsers (mobile and web). The feature will facilitate reading longer conversations (threads) on the social network, reducing eye strain. It’s as if an entire string of tweets were turned into a plain text article.

In read mode, Twitter still disables all links pointing to external addresses, preventing you from tapping them by mistake and leave the conversation. Profile pictures, usernames and the like, retweet and reply buttons are also disabled.

Folders from favorites

No more saving all in one place: with folders, you can save favorite tweets in different directories (Image: Twitter/Publishing)

Just as it does in your web browser, Twitter Blue allows you to create folders to save favorite tweets. In addition to making these saved items more organized, the feature should make it easier to identify more specific messages, as each one can be placed inside custom folders.

Currently, Twitter already counts with a dedicated button to save tweets. However, all posts are saved in a single directory and in the order they were saved.

Service support and customization Tired of the blue Twitter icon? No problem: there will be options to customize the colors of the Twitter button on mobile (Image: Twitter/Disclosure)

All Twitter Blue subscribers will have a dedicated team available to answer questions and requests. Yes, that already exists on Twitter. However, anyone who has a subscription to Twitter Blue should be responded much faster, at least as far as technical issues are concerned. Abuse or harassment reports still depend on more time-consuming analysis.

Another advantage of Twitter Blue is that subscribers can change the color of the Twitter app icon on their mobile devices — the Telegram has been offering this same option for some time now — as well as additional themes and colors to customize their profiles.

How to subscribe to Twitter Blue

As mentioned above, at this time, Twitter Blue can only be signed in Canada or Australia. If you live in one of these countries, there is an option in the Twitter app, within the “Profile” menu (the one that appears when you click on your photo, in the upper left corner of the screen, on the app’s home page).

You can also consult more information through the official Twitter Blue account on the platform, @TwitterBlue.

Source: Twitter (1, 2), Twitter Blue

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