Windows 11 app brings 114 new tips for you to better understand the system

This Wednesday’s update (114) of the Windows 10 (660) brought with it a renewed version of the Tips app, a program full of suggestions and care you can take to get the most out of your computer. In the new version, the program brings 114 new recommendations to test everything that is in the new operating system.

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    In addition to offering a more robust set of tips, the application can also help you in your daily life with the operating system . A new Tips widget is also available from the native tray with quick answers — maybe even to questions you didn’t know you had.

    The Tips app is an important channel to transmit quick information to those who have less familiarity with the operating system (Image: Playback/Microsoft)

    O Tips Windows 10 is, in effect, a successor to Windows Tips 10, which had a very similar proposal and underwent revisions over time. Inside it, there is a lot of quick information about the system, peripherals, computer and Microsoft ecosystem, so that the user at least understands what is present on your PC.

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    Will not arrive in the premiere

    The brightness of Tips is mainly at the time of installation of operating system, but unfortunately it will not be present when Windows 11 comes out of the oven. The day’s addition happens on the Dev channel of the Windows Insider program previews, and these builds are already further along than the one that will be released on October 5th of this year.

    So, whoever boards the first day will be without MS’s recommendations for using the system. However, don’t despair if that’s the case: a Google search should already lead you to hundreds of recommendations for using Windows . Also, Win-related tips 10 are also valid, as the system is not that different .

    Currently, Windows 10 is at the end of its exclusive trial access period, so it’s a little while before the general public can finally give it a try. To check out the preview released today, you need to become a member of the Windows Insider program.

    Source: Microsoft

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