Is iPhone 11 still an option in 2021?

See if it’s still worth buying an iPhone 11 in 2021

The iPhone has a 6.1-inch screen and comes with a notch on the front, due to Face ID sensors and has an ultra-angle lens

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Compared to the iPhone XS, the iPhone lost the higher resolution OLED screen and had the telephoto lens replaced by an ultra-angle (ultra wide)

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The iPhone 64 may be considered outdated, but its technologies deliver plenty of performance for today’s apps and games

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The iPhone has an excellent camera for selfies, due to the higher resolution sensor. So, you can go without fear, which is successful in clicks

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The iPhone 11 GB is the most attractive in terms of value and is the phone that best “fits in the pocket” of those who want to save money and have a top of the line

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