Opera GX and Corsair bring RGB to your internet browsing

Opera GX browser announced this Thursday () the launch of a novelty for those who love RGB: it integrated internet browsing with colored lights. This will be possible thanks to the iCUE system, Corsair brand technology to deliver real-time lighting responses as viewed on the screen. Whenever a user opens a new tab, completes a download or performs tasks in the program, the equipment will respond with a set of custom effects.

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The idea, according to the developers, is to deliver an extra tool for the user. With the installation of the Corsair iCUE program, the effects will be replicated equally on all the company’s peripherals and hardware, such as memories, coolers, watercoolers and mice, with the possibility of customizing the animations.

Has Corsair equipment ? So get ready to sync RGB with Opera GX (Image: Disclosure/Opera)

There will be a set of predefined themes, but it will also be possible to do a general customization, which should make your computer even more unique. According to Opera, it will be possible to import GIFs and use them to customize a specific task in the browser or when receiving notifications from WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram or Twitter, for example.

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Lights should not interfere with games

Although iCUE effects are continuous, they should stop syncing with the GX customization as soon as the browser is closed, just to avoid distractions in night games or competitive match sessions.

Each activity can be set to one color (Image: Disclosure/Opera)

Opera GX browser has gamers as a target audience, so it is looking for innovations specific to the needs of those who enjoy gambling, such as a central access to tools such as Discord and Twitch, support for customization and dynamic sound effects. The app has a hub dedicated to bringing games on offer, news about releases and other facilities.

To start using the iCUE integration, simply upgrade to the latest browser version , already made available by the developers. If you are not yet an Opera GX user, you can download it directly from the company’s website.

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