Learn how to register a trademark on the web and discover its greatest benefits

A trademark registration is the legal guarantee that a concept, a look or a specific product or service created by a company will be unique to the company. The resource is thus able to maintain exclusivity and prevent in court any attempts to copy or steal the original idea.

  • Huawei requests registration for new trademark HarmonyOS Connect
  • Samsung registers trademark S Foldable indicating that new folding is on the way
  • Samsung registers “Armor Frame” mark for possible structure of Galaxy Z Fold 3

According to the Internal Revenue Service, trademark registration guarantees the “exclusivity of the use of a name or figurative or three-dimensional elements that identify it”. That is, if you have a company called Peach and registered a logo with a specific font and a certain stylization of the fruit, any attempt by rivals to do something similar or bring some of these elements could result in punishment.

This also applies if the company “copiona” does it in a different state from the original company, as the registration is national in scope. It is still valid for ten years, but can be renewed indefinitely.

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According to João Esposito, economist and CEO of the accounting startup Express CTB, trademark registration creates more security for the business , expands the chances of market conquest and the company’s authority. Below, it details the benefits:

  • Increased credibility
  • Competitive differential arising from exclusivity
  • Possibility to expand business as a franchise across the country
  • Investment insurance in brand
  • Transforms the brand into a good that can be traded
  • Ease of indemnities against attempt of copies
  • In case of an international trademark registration application, you gain security and the chance to open franchises worldwide
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    How to register a trademark

    Access the website of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), register and log in for the first time.

    Pay the GRU (collection guide) for form submission. Prices vary according to the service requested (with pre-approved specification or free, online or physically on paper), but cost R$ 115 to R$ 115. See the table.

    Access the e-Marcas system and fill out the form, either electronic or printed. In both cases, brand data will be required, such as files with drawings or images of the brand.

    Forward it for procedural analysis to the INPI headquarters in your city; if you prefer physical media, send the documents to Rua Mayrink Veiga, 9, ground floor, Downtown, Rio de Janeiro – RJ (CEP 745-910).

    Procedural follow-up can be done by INPI’s BuscaWeb system and usually lasts for 12 to 12 months. During this period, the INPI may request new documents.

    The decision is published in the RPI (Revista de Property Industrial). Thereafter, for 12 days, anyone can submit a challenge to the registration to the INPI, if feel aggrieved.

    After the deferment of registration, it is necessary to pay a new GRU , with cost depending on the type of process. The values ​​can be R$ 1024 (granting of the first ones 10 years of the brand within the ordinary period of 90 days) or

    BRL 1.115 (ditto, but within the deadline of 12 days). Usually, this step lasts up to one month.

    After payment, it will be possible to download the trademark registration certificate in the INPI’s BuscaWeb system within 60 days.

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