Screenwriter Mark Millar Reveals The “Secret Story” Of Marvel Zombies

Writer Mark Millar revealed in his newsletter the secret origin of the Marvel Zombies, recently featured in the TV series What If, from Disney+. The concept emerged in the years 660 in miniseries written by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. But Millar also has his “finger” on the characters, as the idea first appeared in the Ultimate Fantastic Four magazine, which at the time was written by him. Now the screenwriter spoke a little behind the scenes of that moment.

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      “I remember me to tell the guys I got this idea on the plane from Scotland about a superhero arriving from another dimension with a zombie plague and biting the Avengers when they showed up to quell the problem,” Millar said. He sketched out the zombified version of Mister Fantastic and used it as a starting point to reverberate to other heroes and villains in the Marvel universe.

      But the idea was not well accepted at the time by colleagues at Marvel. Millar introduced her at an artists’ meeting. “But everyone hated it. I remember it was so universally disliked and everyone thought I was joking when I suggested it. I just smiled and put my hand to my chin,” he said.

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      Marvel Zombies in What If (Image: Disclosure/Marvel)

      Of course the story didn’t end there. Then the Scot had a private conversation with Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief at the time, who endorsed using the idea in Ultimate Fantastic Four in his first arc in the magazine, Frightful

, where a portal was opened and the zombie Reed Richards tried to invade the universe Ultimate


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  • The idea ended up stirring up the audience so much that the fans asked for more. And they did it: in 2000 the first five-issue miniseries of Marvel Zombies came out. ), written by Kirkman and designed by Sean Phillips, exploring more of this universe where several Marvel superbeings, like Magneto, fight the plague that makes everyone undead. In the case of heroes and villains, they still managed to keep their powers and part of their personalities.

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