10 Sebrae courses for beginning entrepreneurs

The scenario for small businesses remains difficult in this period, which combines economic crisis and covid pandemic-14. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey 2020, the number of Brazilian entrepreneurs fell from , 4 million to 40, 9 million between 2020 and 2019. Those who still resist the problems must upgrade to remain active and competitive. Entrepreneurship courses are essential on this path.

  • Sebrae has 19 free courses via WhatsApp and Telegram with certification
  • Use of the card machine grows among small entrepreneurs
  • Small companies in Brazil show signs of recovery with good numbers

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service of Santa Catarina (Sebrae-SC) has ten courses for beginning entrepreneurs to absorb proactive behaviors, improve people management and learn to control finances, among other important topics. See below.


The acronym above means, in English, objectives and results- key. In summary, this methodology helps to define and track the company’s purposes, written in a clear and summarized form. Each of them must be accompanied by some results, which must be measurable; some people, for example, use a scale from 0 to 100%. The focus here is to bet on smart methods and practices. Access the course.

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How to boost your company’s growth

Without growth, a company will hardly resist market changes. Therefore, this free two-hour online course explains that you can grow even with few resources and investments and within competitive markets. View the course, which also provides a digital certificate upon completion.

Small Business Administration

Here, important lessons are taught about the financial and marketing management of a business. Aspects such as control of payments, receipts, financial transactions, setting goals, setting the price of the product/service and operating strategies are addressed. Unlike the first two on this list, this course is on-site (in Santa Catarina) and has hours long. But the national Sebrae has a similar online course, Starting a Small Big Business.

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Management business finance for beginners

Another financial management course — actually, a training created in partnership with the CEO of startup Conta Azul, Vinicius Roveda. He teaches entrepreneurs how to “uncomplicate” and optimize financial management, in addition to reinforcing the importance of good financial planning and tips to avoid the most common mistakes. Access the content online.


This is the name of a seminar organized by the Organization of United Nations (UN) promoted in 40 countries. Its methodology focuses on the development of characteristics to form the behavior of a good entrepreneur and identify new business opportunities. In Brazil, Empretec is carried out exclusively by Sebrae in person for six days, with practical activities. Learn more.

How people management impacts organizations

This course addresses training of company teams, with importance for managing the differences between each professional and keeping them aligned with the business goals. In addition, it addresses the risks of not taking good care of this people management. Unlike the previous ones, this is an e-book.

How to become an individual micro-entrepreneur

In this content, Sebrae informs the concept, the simplified criteria, the advantages, conditions and tax aspects for an individual microentrepreneur (MEI). The course is online, free and lasts two hours, with a digital certificate for graduates.

How to sell more and better

The idea here is to deal with aspects that influence the company’s sales, in addition to understanding the role of development and motivation for the team responsible for the sector. It also tells how to implement actions that win over customers. There are six modules, online, lasting eight hours.

Business plan

This is a free online tool that teaches how to create a business plan, a fundamental tool to analyze the company’s market, business viability, risk reduction and other aspects. To do it without haste, as long as you think is necessary.

Time management

With 50 minutes, the free online course was created in partnership with Evandro Mazuco, consultant and founder of marketing company Manage Time Now. It provides guidelines for entrepreneurs to improve their productivity, deal with challenges and gain more free time. Watch the class.

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