I Know What You Did Last Summer series wins official teaser

This Friday (17), the original series premieres on Amazon Prime Video I Know What You Did Last Summer, based on the horror movie by 1997, and consequently in the novel by Louis Duncan, published in 30, and the official teaser is already with us.

  • The Amazon Prime Video releases in September 2021
  • Eu Know What You Did Last Summer gets images and release date
  • Eu Know o What You Did Last Summer will win a series on Prime Video
  • Eu Sabe What You Did It Last Summer tells the story of a group of teenagers who, after a fatal incident kept secret, are chased by a mysterious murderer. As they try to survive and find out who is behind the chase, they begin to get to know the dark side of the city where they live. Check out the teaser:


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    Written and produced by Sara Goodman, the series will be released in four episodes at once, with the rest being released weekly through the day November, when the season comes to an end.

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