How to use the WhatsApp shopping cart

With WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp users (Android | iOS | Web) have gained a new way of contacting establishments. Through the platform, retailers are able to create a catalog and offer their products so that customers can place orders in a simple and practical way.

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This way, if you are interacting with a store on the platform, you can organize all your orders in one place — the shopping cart — and even use WhatsApp Pay to make the payment. If you would like to know how to use the messenger’s shopping cart, check out the step by step below!

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Step 1

: Start a conversation on WhatsApp with an establishment and tap the “Shop” icon in the top menu.

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Start a conversation with an establishment and tap the “Store” icon (Capture of screen: Bruno Salutes)

Step 2

: then you can view the establishment’s catalog and tap the one you want to add to the cart.

Select an item from the catalog and click on it (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Step 3

: tap “Add to cart”.

On the next tab, tap “Add to cart” (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes )

Step 4

: the item has been properly added. Enter as many more as you like and, after this step is completed, tap the “Cart” icon to the right of the upper corner.

Add more items to the cart or tap the icon indicated in the upper corner to finish the (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Step 5: tap the “Send” icon to do the request. If you have WhatsApp Pay configured, you can make payment using this method.

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Tap the “Submit” icon to finalize your purchase (Screenshot : Bruno Salutes)

Ready! Now you can use the WhatsApp shopping cart to place orders.

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