The best apps to edit Live Photos

Creating Live Photos is one of the coolest features of the iPhone camera. When taking a photo, the app records a second and a half before and after the moment of capture, resulting in a short video with sound and movement, without losing the main image. The feature is set by default on the device and is identified by a circular icon in the upper-right corner of the camera.

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The iOS has some native tools to edit the Live Photos, such as cropping from frames and manual adjustments for filters and lighting control. On the other hand, there are apps for editing this content. In addition to visual adjustments, they facilitate sharing as a GIF or video, ideal for use on social networks. See three options available on the App Store to transform your Live Photos!

1. Infltr

  • Compatibility: iOS
  • Price:
    free installation with paid options (BRL 32,129 per month or R$ 90,90 per annum)
  • Infltr is a powerful image and video editing app for iOS. The tool can be used to adjust and insert filters for photos, videos and Live Photos in your gallery. In this case, it allows you to export the results as a Live Photo, in GIF or in a video with sound.

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    Application has own filters (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The editing window stands out for the variety of features available. It is possible to add stickers, text and specific filters to customize your image. In addition, the app provides manual adjustments to the image, frame cropping options and color overlay effects. In each filter, there is a meter that controls the intensity of the effects on your image.

    The application, however, has many limitations in the free version. The paid plan, offered for R$ 32,129 per month or R$ 129,129 per year, grants access to all editing features of the app and removes the watermark on shares.

    2. Lively – Live Photo to GIF
  • Compatibility: iOS
  • Price: free installation with paid option (BRL 27,129)
  • Lively is a simpler option for editing Live Photos: it has no filters or other image-specific adjustments. However, it can be used as a quick option when converting files to GIFs, videos and individual photos. If you want to prepare something for social media, it’s worth checking out the app.

    Make adjustments to the GIF duration (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The editing interface is simple and separates the app into three tabs for GIF, video and photos. The platform allows you to view all frames and adjust the total duration of the movement. When editing GIFs, the app has features to control playback speed, size and order, with the option to play backwards or repeat like an Instagram Boomerang.

    Lively uses a watermark for GIFs and photos edited by the app. To remove it, it is necessary to make a single payment of R$ 27,90.

    3. GIF Creator by Moment

    • Compatibility: iOS
  • Price:

    free installation with paid option (BRL 129, 32 per month or R$ 49,90 per annum )

    Momento is an app used to create GIFs from images in your gallery. In addition to this functionality, it also has tools to edit and adjust the Live Photos from your iPhone gallery, exporting the result in GIF and videos.

    Moment can be used to create GIFs or edit Live Photos (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The application provides several resources for editing. It is possible, for example, to add visual effects from augmented reality, insert text and combine filters. The free version also provides functions for manual adjustments such as brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights.

    With the paid version of the app, more features are released, such as the use of frames, music and tools advanced editing tools. Offered for R$ 27,49 per month or R$ 164,129 per year, the Premium plan still offers family sharing and removes the brand creations.

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