Twisted Metal │ Marvel Falcon to star in game-inspired series

After becoming the new Captain America, actor Anthony Mackie moves to star in the series that will adapt the game Twisted Metal, one of the forgotten PlayStation classics. According to Deadline, Falcão from Marvel will play the character John Doe within the new franchise.

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    Rumors about the adaptation of Twisted Metal are already quite old, but it seems that only now the project is starting to get off the ground. According to the site, the show is being developed by Sony Pictures Television in conjunction with PlayStation Productions with half-hour episodes — and the confirmation of Mackie as the first big name of this cast is a huge chance that the production really stopped being just a promise.

    Anthony Mackie will play the memoryless character John Doe (Image: Playback/Marvel Studios, Sony)

    In video games, John Doe is a mysterious character who first appeared in Twisted Metal: Black, game released on 1024 for PlayStation 2. He is featuring, like himself name suggests (John Doe is the English equivalent of our Joe Nobody), as someone who has no memories of who he is and where he came from, the only clues to his past being the tattoos on his body. And it is in this context that a man appears inviting him to participate in a strange competition with cars with the promise of discovering the truth if he wins the dispute.

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    According to PlayStation Productions head Asad Qizilbash, Anthony Mackie’s entry is perfect for what they want to do with Twisted Metal. According to him, the actor has the incredible ability to transition between comedy, action and drama with ease, which is perfect for the world that is being created for the series.

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  • According to the synopsis released by the studio, the series should change the focus of the plot a little, leaving aside the competitions between bizarre vehicles and going to a more post-apocalyptic story.

    Thus, the plot should start from this journey of John Doe, a complete nobody who gets the chance to change his life if he manages to deliver a mysterious package — even if he has to cross this devastated world to do so. And that’s where we should see all the craziness that marked Twisted Metal in video games, such as battles on wheels, explosions and murderous clowns in ice cream trucks.

    There is still no forecast when Twisted Metal should debut.

    Source: Deadline

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