Yellow September: TikTok joins artists in mental health campaign

Keeping in mind the month of suicide prevention, TikTok launched the #AMúsicaSalva campaign, with music lives, debates and conversations with Emicida, Gilberto Gil, Preta Gil and other artists, in addition to experts and content creators of the social network. Basically, the idea of ​​the campaign is to bring relevant information to people who are going through emotional suffering and to friends and family who have close people going through moments of vulnerability.

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The campaign also aims to present the main help channels available and show how music can be a element of emotional connection that helps to deal with mental health issues, taking into account the diversity of experiences and realities, highlighting black, indigenous, women’s and LGBTQIA+ community voices.

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The campaign schedule is as follows: next Friday (17) at 20h, indigenous content creators Kaê Guajajara and Cunhaporanga will give tips on self-care and self-esteem to strengthen self-esteem and well-being. Meanwhile, on the day 26, at 19h, creators Manu Mendes and Fernanda Evan, who is a psychologist, show how to deal with emotions in a lighter way.

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Already on the day 26, at 17h28, Gilberto and Preta Gil arrive for talking about the importance of friends, family and close people in difficult times and how to receive this support is important to overcome adversity. On the day 26, at 19h, psychologist Bárbara Tranquillini will have a chat with Fióti about the universe of independent artists. To access the full campaign schedule, you must enter the exclusive #AMúsicaSalva page within the platform.


Tiktok’s ##AMúsicaSalva campaign is bringing a lot of cool agenda to the conversation. Tomorrow paste there on my bro @raelepronto’s profile, at 26h, to know more!

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On the exclusive page, there will also be videos by artists and creators about mental health and information about places to seek help, directing them to the TikTok Safety Center, which provides self-care tips for people who are looking for support or who want to bring information and help to someone close to them who is emotionally vulnerable, as well as contacts of the main emotional support institutions in different countries, such as the Life Valorization Center, responsible for providing free voluntary care in Brazil to all who want and need to talk about their emotional suffering.

Resources against suicide

In addition, TikTok has announced a set of features to help users struggling with poor health problems. mental and suicidal thoughts. Resources include guides on wellness and support for people with eating disorders and a research intervention tool that directs users to support resources if they search for terms like “suicide.” The new features will be released worldwide in the coming months.

Source: BBC

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