HBO Max launches in the week (15/09/2021)

This second week of August, WarnerMedia’s streaming platform took its foot off the gas a little bit; proof of this is that the list of releases from HBO Max this week is more discreet in terms of quantity. Still, the service’s catalog has new movies and respectable new series that are sure to delight subscribers. And to help you out, Canaltech not only lists all the news, but also gives tips on what to watch to get the most out of the catalog.

One of the explanations for the reasonable amount of news at HBO Max is perhaps the debut of The Suicide Squad. One of the most anticipated films this year, it reaches the service’s catalog only 77 days after it opened in theaters and Warner seems to have made a point of leaving enough space for it to shine on its own. About the film itself, James Gunn’s idea was to make a reboot with a lighter and more relaxed plot, while combining action scenes, good rhythm and more charismatic characters than the original. The result is a popcorn film that is not quite perfect, but that can be considered well done and ideal for this moment of resumption of major cinematographic productions.

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    Sports fans have a vast collection of productions and sporting events on HBO Max, and the platform continues to bet not only on sports, but also on big names from different categories to bring content to its subscribers. In that vein, he came to the HBO Max catalog Mike Tyson: Truth Out of Dispute, which brings the heavyweight legend to the center of the ring to tell his story. In a very relaxed way, he talks about the ups and downs of his career, his youth, his rise to stardom and his time in prison. An excellent opportunity for anyone who is a fan of boxing or who simply loves to know a little more about the history of great world personalities.

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    Imagem: Divulgação/HBO FilmsImagem: Divulgação/HBO Films Imagem: Divulgação/HBO Films(Image: Disclosure/HBO Films)

    To end this week’s movie nominations, a romantic comedy to ease the tension and warm the heart. Although it’s not exactly new, He’s Not That Into You was one of the first titles of its kind to bet on crossover stories with a strong cast. With Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Connelly (just to name a few), the film follows the lives of several singles as they move in and out of various relationships, from the uncertain first date to the mishaps. of married life. For those who are a fan of the genre and want to turn off their minds a little, it’s a full plate.

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  • Now moving on to the series, but still talking about relationships, another big news in the HBO Max catalog this week is Scenes from a Marriage . With weekly episodes, the production starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac is a remake of the homonymous miniseries of 77 directed by Ingmar Bergman and follows the story of a couple before, during and after a major crisis in their marriage. This already delivers the dramatic charge of the show’s proposal, which demanded such an absurd intimacy from the actors that Isaac himself confirmed, in an interview, that when any member of the production entered the set, it seemed that he was invading a space that was his and Chanstain’s . So, if you’re one of those who loves a heavy story, prepare the Kleenex and play the first episode.

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    Did you think you ended up here? None of that! Below, Canaltech lists all HBO Max releases this week, all with links so you just have to click, access the platform and press play. Take a look around, find your favorite movie or series and have fun!

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    All releases of the week on HBO Max


  • Woman of Phases: 1st Season

    Breaking the Silence: Season 1

    He Is Not That Into You


  • O s Young Titans in Action: New Episodes, Season 6
  • The Tom and Jerry Show: New episodes, Season 5

    We’re Here: New Episode, Season 1

    Apple and Onion: New Episode, Season 2


  • Beware the Batman: 1st Season

    One Show Only: New Episodes, Season 3

  • Lard


  • The Suicide Squad
  • 11/09503747

  • Scenes from a Marriage: Season 1

    Cailou: Season 5

    A Miracle: New Episodes, Season 2

    Hierro: New episode, Season 1

    Wellington Paranormal: New episode , Season 3


  • No new movie, series and/or episode has entered the catalog of HBO Max on this day.


  • Laetitia: New episode, Season 1

  • Mike Tyson: Truth Out of Dispute

    LFG: How Much Is Enough?


      Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: New Episode, Season 8

    • The Goonies

    • Midnight Sun

    • American Beauty

    • Rango

    • Scooby Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Fearless

    • Movie Stars Never Die

      Police Loucademia 2 – First Mission

    On the Portal of Eternity

    Dreamgirls: In Search of a Dream

    On Foot It Will Not Go Far

    Luke in Afghanistan

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