How to buy installments on Shopee

Shopee (Android | iOS | Web) is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that stands out for the huge amount of products, from sellers around the world. Therefore, it is natural to expect the company to provide more than one form of payment, facilitating purchases from different consumer profiles.

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Among the payment options available are: bank slip, credit card and Caixa’s virtual debit card. If you are buying a product and opting for a credit card, Shopee allows you to pay the final amount in up to six installments without interest. And that’s what we’re going to teach in this article, whether on your cell phone or desktop browser.

Before, it’s worth remembering: Shopee only releases credit card installments for purchases over R$ . In addition, each installment must have a minimum value of R$ 5. Therefore, keep an eye on the payment terms to check if they meet these requirements. In the payment options by bank slip or Caixa debit card, installment payment is not available.

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On your cell phone

Step 1:

With your products in the shopping basket, tap the cart button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Place the items in your shopping basket and then click the cart icon in the upper right corner of the shopping cart. screenshot (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 2:

Select all order items and tap “Continue”.

Check “All” so that all items in the cart are selected, and proceed to the next step (Capture screen: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 3:

in the “Payment Options” section, tap “Select Payment Method ”.

Tap this option to set the payment method for your Shopee purchase (Capture screen: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 4:

on the next screen, tap “Credit card” and define which card will be used to perform the payment. If you do not have a credit card registered, please enter the requested data.

Choose the “Credit Card” option to open the installment options (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 5:

when clicking on the card chosen, an options menu will be displayed with the parcel options. Remembering that it can be from one to six times, as long as each installment has a minimum value of R$ 5.

Tap on the desired card and choose one of the installment options (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 6:

select one of the installments and tap “Confirm”.

Chosen the form of installment payment, tap “Continue” at the bottom of the screen (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 7:

review the information on the page and tap “Place Order”.

After checking all the information, tap in “Place Order”. There is only one more step to confirm the purchase in installments (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 8:

How payment is made on the credit card Credit, Shopee will inform you of a charge of 0,97% related to the Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF). Tap “Pay” to complete your purchase.

By default, Shopee purchases made by credit card will incur an IOF surcharge. The retailer will inform about this on the last screen (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 9:

Shopee will display a message confirming the payment. An order confirmation email will also be sent.

Agreeing with the charge, ready! Your purchase in installments at Shopee has been completed (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

On the web

Step 1:

Choose the products you want to buy from Shopee. At the end, click on the cart button in the upper right corner of the site.

On the computer or notebook, the procedure for installment purchases on Shopee is almost the same as on mobile. Click the cart button to review the items (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 2:

Select all items in the order and click on “Continue”.

After selecting all the items, click “Continue” to proceed with the payment details (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 3:

almost at the bottom of the screen, in the “Payment method” section, select “Credit card” and define in how many installments the amount will be divided. What we said in the previous topic is also valid now — you can split up to six times, with each installment of at least R$ 5.

Check how many installments you want to split your purchase (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Step 4: review the order data and finish by clicking on “Place Order”. Shopee will display a message confirming payment. An order confirmation email will also be sent.

When reviewing your data and the number of installments, click on “Place Order” and complete your purchase. (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

Simple, isn’t it? The payment in installments of purchases in up to six installments on the credit card is another feature of Shopee’s e-commerce. It remains to wait until more options, including Pix, are made available on the platform.

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