Dressing created from turmeric protects against bacteria and inflammation

Scientists in the city of São Carlos, in São Paulo, have just published the results of studies on the creation of a new skin dressing. The project consists of a cutaneous and multifunctional material for wounds, developed through nanotechnology and biotechnology.

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To arrive at the result, the researchers combined biodegradable materials with curcumin, a substance removed turmeric which has medicinal properties, bactericidal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Image: Publicity/Paulo Chagas/Embrapa

Scientists explain that the application of curcumin is limited because it has low solubility and by easily degrading when in contact with light. So, to combat these obstacles, a nanomaterial was created, produced based on bilayer polymeric membranes, which have electrospinned fibers of polylactic acid, and natural rubber.

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The use of the dressing, in laboratory tests, prevented the entry of bacteria into the body for about 10 days, in addition to to demonstrate a strong action against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, found in skin wounds and which can cause infection. The product not only reduces bacterial contamination, but also protects the injury from external actions such as exposure to sunlight. The researchers have already applied for a patent for the dressing, which still needs to undergo further studies and tests to be able to enter the market.

You can check the research in the scientific journal Reactive & Functional Polymers.

Source: FAPESP, Embrapa

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